Singapore’s Intellectual Property Office aims to boost IP protection in Indonesia

Singapore’s intellectual property office has announced it will promote its protection of intellectual property rights across Indonesia, aiming to boost the countrys intellectual property laws.

In a press release, the Intellectual Property Ministry said it will work with stakeholders to implement policies and procedures to ensure the protection of copyright and other intellectual property in Indonesia, where the market is booming and foreign investments are pouring into the country.

In January, Indonesia’s Intellectual Capital Promotion Agency (IPPAA) launched an online tool to help investors track the status of their investments in IP-related companies in Indonesia.

The agency said the tool, which will help investors identify their investments and their risk of losing them, will enable investors to assess whether investments in these companies pose a risk to Indonesia’s economic growth and stability.

Indonesia’s Intellectual Investment Promotion Agency is in charge of promoting IP protection.

The IPOAA said in its press release that the tool will enable stakeholders to identify investments in companies that pose a potential risk to Indonesian economic growth.