Google launches the ‘IBD’ course on intellectual property and the law for people from across the world

Google is offering a free online course for people who are keen to study the law or technology to help them understand the differences between the UK and other European countries.

The course, which runs until the end of April, aims to provide an in-depth look at the legal rights and obligations of companies in different countries.

Its launch coincides with a global protest over copyright infringement in the UK.

The course aims to show how different countries operate and how those laws are interpreted in different ways, as well as explain the difference between the legal system in the EU and the UK where the rules are more lenient. 

Google is also looking to bring its course to a number of countries, including India, Brazil, and India.

Its announcement comes after a number years of controversy surrounding the law in the US, where some internet companies have been accused of operating in a way that infringes copyright.

In the UK, the government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has recently been criticised for its handling of copyright infringement claims against the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Spotify.

Last month, the UK Supreme Court ruled that it could not compel YouTube to take down videos of children who have been filmed in the studio of a popular show, but the decision was reversed by the UK Court of Appeal.

The US Justice Department also criticised the US government’s handling of online copyright infringement cases, and said it would be launching a civil action against YouTube over the case.