How to stop a patent troll

The federal government has announced it is sending a letter to Canada’s chief patent officer asking that he “immediately cease the use of his personal email account” to send personal or non-personal emails.

The letter was issued to the Office of the Chief Patent Officer, which oversees the Patent Office of Canada, in an effort to stop the use by “a company or entity” of a trademark that it owns in Canada.

The government is also asking the office to provide “information about how the use and ownership of the intellectual property product or product category in question may be affected by the issuance of a patent or related proceeding.”

The letter also requests a response to “any further questions that you may have regarding the use or ownership of an intellectual property or related matter.”

“Your use of email to conduct business, as well as the communication of information, is essential to ensure that our public and private interests are properly aligned,” the letter states.

“Your personal email address is a part of your identity and provides you with the means to send and receive information that is both timely and accurate.”

The move comes as the Office is working to update its privacy policies.

“We are committed to protecting Canadians’ privacy and are continuing to take steps to ensure these actions are consistent with our mandate,” a spokesperson for the office told the CBC News Network in an email.

In a statement to CBC News, the office said it has been working to “improve the privacy of all our information-sharing processes and to make our data more secure.”

“The Office of Patent Policy and Enforcement is committed to ensuring that the privacy practices and policies that govern the use, disclosure and use of intellectual property are compliant with the Privacy Act,” it added.

“The Office continues to work with stakeholders to identify ways to make privacy protections more consistent across all levels of government and to identify and develop ways to improve the privacy policies and practices for the Office.”

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