New York Jets’ Marcus Mariota wants to be a quarterback

New York, NY — The New York Giants’ Marcus Marcellus Mariota thinks he’s finally figured out how to be the quarterback for a New York team that’s winning, and he hopes to make the most of his new opportunity. 

Mariota has completed more passes than any quarterback in NFL history in 2016, and has the second-highest passer rating in NFL play (104.9) behind only Russell Wilson (110.3). 

His success is thanks in part to the play of Odell Beckham Jr., who is now with the Giants, and wide receiver Odell, who was a free agent.

Marcelles playmaking ability, especially from the pocket, has become a big part of the Giants offense this season, and Marcellas success has helped the Giants push into the playoff race. 

“I feel like this team is so much better,” Mariota said.

“When I first came to the city, I think I was pretty naive.

I thought they had one great team and I thought I was going to get drafted first.

But I think now, I feel like I’m able to be on the team, I can be a leader.

I feel more comfortable, more comfortable and I’m just more confident.” 

MARIOTA IS ON THE TEAM The Giants have won three straight, including a 28-14 win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

They are now in the midst of their longest winning streak since 2008. 

 Mariano also had a breakout game on Sunday in the team’s victory over the Indianapolis Colts, completing 18 of 29 passes for 244 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. 

This season, Marcelli has had the fifth-highest completion percentage in NFL pass attempts (85.8), according to Pro Football Focus. 

The Titans’ Mariota has the fifth most completions in NFL passing (223), according the data. 

Marcellus has also been one of the few quarterbacks to make plays with the ball in his hands in 2016.

He has made some big plays with his arm and ability to run. 

In Week 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals, Mariota threw for 315 yards, three touchdowns and one interception, the most yards in a game by a quarterback in franchise history. 

MARIO IS MORE OF A COMPETITIVE PLAYER While Mariota and Odell have made a name for themselves as playmakers, Mariotas offensive playmaking abilities have been noticed a lot more this season. 

A year ago, Mario was coming off of a broken right foot.

In the first two games, he played a big role in the Giants’ offense, completing 10 of 14 passes for 158 yards and three touchdowns. 

It’s not just Mariota who is making big plays. 

He has a reputation for being a player who will throw the ball to his wide receivers, who in turn have the opportunity to make big plays on the play. 

For the Titans, that means wide receiver Corey Davis, who caught the game-winning touchdown pass against the Ravens. 

Davis has made a big impact, as he caught seven passes for 76 yards, a touchdown and a sack in the Titans win. 

On Sunday, Davis caught a 22-yard touchdown pass and ran into the end zone for a touchdown. 

With Mariota on the roster, Davis said he wants to make an impact for the team and has a lot of faith in the young quarterback. 

“[Mario] is going to have a lot to prove,” Davis said. 


MARCUS MARVILES PLAYER STATISTICS This is a good story, but it’s not the one we want to hear. 

What we are really interested in is who the real story is. 

There are a lot players who were very good players but really just played in their own little bubble, and did a lot in the right system and did not have a great impact on their team. 

Then we have a player like Mariota, who has been a complete player, and the one who has played with great passion and enthusiasm. 

Is Mariota the best of the best? 


He is not, but that is the point of this story.

He was a good player, but we need to know the true story of how he was able to become the quarterback that he is.

The real story will come out when the team is actually playing and they are having success, which they are doing. 

I think he has a really good chance to win a Super Bowl with this team.


If the Giants are going to be able to compete, they have to have some talent, and Mariota is certainly one of those players.