Intel Intellectual Property Assignments: An Overview

Google News article Intel is a global technology company.

It owns a large portfolio of intellectual property.

Among its core products are computers and chips, networking and semiconductor devices.

Its IP portfolio covers many areas including computer hardware, software, chipsets, processors, and semiconductors.

Intel is a multinational corporation headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Its main business is selling computing products, particularly in the PC, server, networking, and graphics markets.

It also sells services such as services for manufacturing, services for services, and services for hardware and software.

Intel’s main headquarters are in Menlo Park, California, the U.S. and Shanghai, China.

Intel also owns a number of smaller companies, such as Intel Technologies, a semiconductor company; Intel Propeller and Processors, a chip design and fabrication company; and Intel Technologies Research and Development, which develops and tests high-performance computing products.