President Trump has a new, more ambitious plan to overhaul U.S. trade policy

President Donald Trump on Thursday outlined a more aggressive, more far-reaching trade agenda, and signaled he may be willing to negotiate with rivals to ease tensions with China.

The plan, outlined by Trump and his top trade adviser Peter Navarro, includes the scrapping of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-country pact signed by President Barack Obama that Trump has said has been a disaster.

Trump and Navarro said the new plan would be based on the same principles that helped drive Trump to win the 2016 election and his election victory in 2020.

“This is going to be the most aggressive, far-ranging, comprehensive trade agenda we’ve ever seen,” Navarro told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House.

The president said his goal is to create a “fair, open, and reciprocal” market in the United States that allows American manufacturers to compete with global competitors and to encourage American exports to help balance the trade deficit.

Trump has promised to renegotiate NAFTA, which he says has cost American jobs and hurt our country.

He has repeatedly vowed to reverse NAFTA’s terms and has said he is willing to meet with his opponents to try to persuade them to change their minds.

The TPP would have helped the U.K. negotiate its own free-trade deal with the United Nations.

It was a major policy achievement of Trump’s first term in office, and many in his own party were quick to applaud the plan.

“What I want to do is make sure that the U.”


Trump, who is on a three-day trip to Asia, said he would push to make the U of A. a “bigger and better place” and “a better place for everybody.””

We’re going have a fair, open and reciprocal trade agreement with the U., and I think that’s something that will be really important to all of us.”

Trump, who is on a three-day trip to Asia, said he would push to make the U of A. a “bigger and better place” and “a better place for everybody.”

Navarro said Trump would also push to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement, a free-trading pact that the president has repeatedly called a “disaster.”

He said the TPP and NAFTA would not be part of the rework.

“I think the President is very confident in what he has in mind for the North America Free Trade agreement,” Navarosaid.

“And I think there’s going to come a time when we can begin to talk about the TPP.”

Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to renegotiated NAFTA, and Navaro said Trump will be open to working with Democrats to do so.

“He’ll be open, he’ll be honest, and he’ll do what’s right for the country,” Navarsaid.

“He’ll make sure we don’t hurt anybody.”

Trump told reporters he is also open to discussions with China about opening its market to U.s. goods.

“We have a lot of great things going on with China and we’re willing to do more.

And if they can do more for us than what we are doing for them, then I’m open to that,” he said.

The U.N. trade mission will meet with Trump’s team in New York to discuss the plan, Navarro added.

The meeting comes after Trump announced a new administration task force to tackle trade deficits.

Navarro told the news conference that the administration was not looking to impose tariffs on imports of Chinese goods.

Navarosays the administration is looking to lower tariffs on U.A.s imports of U.n. manufactured goods, as well as goods manufactured in the U,S., which he said would result in a “positive” impact on the U’s economy.