Nokia, Intel and Microsoft join forces to build mobile phones, tablets

Microsoft, Intel, Nokia and Nokia are teaming up to create the first smartphone and tablet built entirely from the ground up from the inside out.

The partnership aims to provide a new platform for consumers to access the world’s largest mobile and connected devices.

The new devices will compete with Google’s Pixel phones and Apple’s iPhone X, which are designed from the same ground up.

The partnership is the latest in a series of moves to strengthen Microsoft’s position as a smartphone and mobile computing powerhouse, and its growing position in the tablet market.

In November, Microsoft signed a deal with Asus to create a tablet that will compete directly with Google and Apple.

The move also signals the company’s intent to expand its smartphone portfolio into the tablet space, which was the company at the center of a major legal battle with Apple in late 2017.

In a statement, the partnership said that the goal is to “bring the same functionality to a tablet as it would on a smartphone.”

It will offer the latest and greatest from Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Nokia, which also recently entered into an exclusive licensing deal with Microsoft for its phones, will be responsible for designing the devices, while Intel will build the chips that power them.

Intel also will produce the hardware for the device.

The device, codenamed Project Spartan, will run Windows 10, will offer new functionality and will use the same components as the Pixel phones.

Nokia and Intel are aiming to build a new breed of high-end, thin and light devices that are powered by Windows 10 and run on Microsoft’s new hardware, which is designed to be lightweight and power efficient.

They are also looking to develop more powerful processors and devices to take advantage of new advances in hardware, software and cloud computing.

Nokia CEO Jarmo Kallas said the device will offer “world-class performance,” and that Microsoft has given Nokia “a clear roadmap to create innovative, high-performance devices with the same capabilities as our own phones.”

The partnership comes just a few months after Nokia unveiled the Nokia Phones for Business, which will run on the same hardware as the Phones, and are designed to deliver the same smartphone-like experience as the company phones.