Apple suing to stop Amazon from buying medical research

Apple is seeking to stop a deal between Amazon and a leading medical research company from going through, as part of a broader effort to fight online piracy.

Apple is suing to block the proposed deal from going forward, arguing that it is unfair to the company’s intellectual property and that Amazon is “engaging in unlawful conduct.”

The suit, which was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, says the proposed transaction would not only hurt Apple’s intellectual properties, but that the deal would also “destroy Apple’s competitive position.”

Apple’s attorney, David Pogue, said the company would oppose the deal, and argued that the company has a “robust” copyright protection in place.

He also argued that Amazon’s acquisition of the Journal of American Medical Association and the Journal Publishing Group could hurt Apple and its patents.

The lawsuit comes amid the growing global concern over the growing number of online file-sharing and piracy cases, as well as the ongoing investigation into a data breach at Sony Corp. in October.

The FBI has said it is looking into allegations that hackers accessed the personal information of more than 300 million people, but has said that it does not believe the breach is linked to Sony.