Why did Juventus say they would not be involved in the talks?

Juventus said on Tuesday they would no longer be involved with the transfer of Juventus star Leonardo Bonucci and he has accused them of not being open to a new deal.

The Nerazzurri’s decision follows a string of transfer rumours in recent days, and Bonucci’s agent, Roberto Bologna, said his client had told him he would not sign a new contract with Juventus until after the end of the Serie A season.

“I have not seen a clear statement from Juventus regarding the transfer,” Bonucci told reporters.

“I’ve spoken to Bonucci, but I don’t have anything concrete to say.”

“I know that they have a great deal of respect for my decision and I respect that,” he added.

“But they also want me to leave, so I’m ready to say goodbye.

I have been very clear with my agent that I am not interested in a new transfer until the end the season.”

The 22-year-old’s contract expires in the summer, and he is expected to leave the Bianconeri this summer for a new club. 

Bologna said he had no immediate plans to discuss Bonucci with the Juventus hierarchy, but that he would have a “good relationship” with the Biancocelesti, a club that he represented in the Premier League for eight years before leaving in 2013.

“There is a great respect between the two clubs, that’s for sure,” he said.

“We had a good relationship.

We’ll have a good dialogue, and I don`t think there’s anything in particular that I can say about the transfer, beyond the fact that I have a right to say this.””

The situation is complicated and there is an enormous amount of information, so we’ll see where it goes from there.”