When Indonesia’s ‘Vietnam’ comes back to the world

Indonesia is returning to the global spotlight, thanks to the return of its ‘Viejos’ brand.

Indonesia’s ‘Tiempo’ brand was last seen in 2012, and now it is being revived with a brand new look and a new brand name.

The brand is being launched in a new and unique way, and the brand is set to become a global brand in the coming years.

This year’s ‘World Intellectual Property Day’ was celebrated as a milestone in the country’s intellectual property history.

The brand was launched in the early 2000s by a group of individuals who owned the trademark for the Vietnam brand.

The original Vietnam brand had been registered in several countries and many countries had used the Vietnam trademark, but no one knew what it was called.

It was finally registered in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, but it was not officially recognised until 2005 when a Vietnamese court issued a trademark registration certificate.

Since then, Vietnam’s trademark has been used on many products including sunglasses, pens, paper, paper towels and many other household goods.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Minister for Trade and Industry Dr Hamid Karim said Vietnam’s brand had reached a point of relevance for Indonesia, where the country has a large population of Vietnamese and Vietnamese-speaking consumers.

The government plans to use the brand to launch a new line of products in the near future, he said.

The company, founded by a Vietnam-origin businessman, said its Vietnamese identity was very important for Indonesia because of its geographical location and historical ties with Vietnam.

In addition, Vietnam is one of the top five countries for Chinese investors in Indonesia, according to the latest figures.

The Thai trademark office confirmed the registration of the Vietnam ‘Viojos brand’ but declined to comment on its exact ownership.

Indos ‘Tempo’ name will be used in all products including glasses, pens and paper, according the brand’s website.

Its name will also be used on the packaging of all products, including in its advertising campaigns, and on the labels of the products, the website said.

“We are committed to creating a Vietnamese-inspired brand that will help promote and enhance the Vietnamese culture and traditions in Indonesia,” the company said.