How to sue Facebook for copyright infringement

If you’re using Facebook’s intellectual property to create content, it may be infringing on your copyrights.

In addition to the copyright infringement lawsuit, Facebook has also been sued for copyright violations in the UK and US.

Facebook is also facing copyright infringement claims in Germany.

But what if you own the right to do what you want with your content?

In some circumstances, Facebook may be allowed to sue you.

Facebook has said it will pay out money to the person who uploaded or shared the content, and it will also pay for the damage to the creator.

“Facebook may be able to seek compensation for infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights when it is reasonably believed that copyright or intellectual property law has been infringed by the uploading, sharing or reproduction of content,” Facebook said in a statement.

“The amounts paid may be subject to statutory damages and are subject to approval by a court.”

It’s not clear if Facebook will be able or willing to pay the amount it claims.

Facebook could also choose to settle without having to pay a cent.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

If you’re looking for more information about Facebook’s copyright policy, you can read the official Facebook website.