Intel says it will no longer allow its processors on Samsung devices

Intel will no long be able to use Samsung’s Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge, and S6 Mini smartphones in its products, the chipmaker said Wednesday.

“Samsung has removed our software and firmware components from its devices, and has not permitted Intel to use our chips on those devices,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich wrote in a blog post.

“We have removed all Intel products from Samsung devices and expect Samsung to do the same,” he said.

“Intel will not sell or market its products with Intel chips in them.

Intel will not distribute its products directly to Samsung devices.”

Intel’s move follows a series of moves by Samsung in recent months to limit Intel’s ability to use its chips in smartphones.

Last week, Samsung announced it would no longer support Intel’s processors in its Galaxy Note 7 phones.

Earlier this month, the company announced it was going to discontinue the use of Intel’s Broadwell processors in future products.

The news comes as Intel is trying to push Samsung’s devices to new markets, and is facing increased pressure from regulators and customers who want the chips on their devices to work with Intel’s technology.