Amazon launches cloud-based music player for Windows 8

Amazon’s cloud-powered music player is launching in the Windows 8 market, and it’s offering its customers a way to listen to their own music on their Windows 8 computers without buying a streaming music service.

Amazon’s Cloud Player, available on Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets, offers a music player that can be controlled by either a mobile device or a Windows 8 computer running Windows 8 Pro.

The software offers users a way of playing music that’s always there, without the need for a subscription or paying for a streaming service.

“The Cloud Player is a powerful and flexible tool that can connect your music to the cloud without a subscription,” said Marc Lore, Amazon Cloud Platform Engineering Manager.

“With this new tool, you can play music from your personal cloud storage without the hassle of buying a music streaming service.”

Amazon’s Cloud Players are already available for Windows PCs and Windows tablets, but they are only available to Windows 8 users.

Users can use the Cloud Player on Windows computers, Windows 8 devices, or both.

The Cloud Players can stream music from up to five devices to up to 32 devices simultaneously, according to Amazon.

The Cloud Player can play tracks from one device to the other and vice versa.

Users who download and install the software can then listen to music from both devices on the same device, with a minimum of two devices.

Amazon said the Cloud Players work in conjunction with a variety of cloud-service providers to deliver the best music experience.

“The Cloud Play Store allows you to browse the full catalog of music on your device, as well as search and play songs from any music service,” Lore said.

“And for those with music files that can’t be shared on their cloud, the Cloud Play Cloud Storage feature lets you access your music files on the cloud from anywhere.”

Lore said that the Cloud Music Library is an optional feature that allows users to store their music files in a “shared folder” on Amazon’s servers.

“Amazon has built this cloud-storage feature into the CloudPlay Cloud Library so you can create folders for music on both your PC and your Xbox, so that when you download a new song, it will automatically play on both devices,” Lore explained.

“When you add a new music file to your CloudPlay Library, you’ll automatically sync the files between all your devices and the cloud, so you’ll always have access to your music.”

Amazon is also adding an option to automatically stream music to a Windows Phone device when the user connects to a broadband connection, and the service also lets users play music directly from a Windows 10 PC to a Mac or PC, without a streaming subscription.

The Windows 8 Cloud Player and Cloud Music library feature, and Amazon’s new music player are the first major Windows 8 features that Microsoft has announced for the platform.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch comes at a time when other major Windows 10 operating systems are experiencing a boom in sales.

Microsoft is also releasing an Xbox Live Gold subscription service, which lets Xbox owners sign up to receive exclusive features and content.

The service also includes an online game controller.