‘We can’t be bothered’ with the copyright issue

A top lawyer from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Thursday that he’s concerned that Apple’s patent lawsuit against the Cupertino company is being handled in a way that doesn’t help the company and the tech industry.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, accuses Apple of violating copyright by claiming to own the iPad and iPhones.

Apple claims that the patents are for a “computer hardware” and “software” that could be used to make a phone or tablet.

In the suit, Apple claims the patents cover more than 4,000 patented inventions.

Apple’s attorney for the lawsuit, Paul Vigna, told ABC News that the Cuptopants’ complaint is “out of proportion.”

Vignan said the complaint is a “ridiculous, ridiculous lawsuit.”

“It’s ridiculous that they are suing Apple for patents that are basically the same as other computer patents that the U