Lego intellectual properties,intelligent property,norsk

A new Finnish law aimed at preventing the copying and distribution of intellectual property has gone into effect.

It has been dubbed “Lego intellectual copyright” and will now be enforced on Finnish products such as Legos, Lego sets, and Lego figures.

“Lego Intellectual Property” means the rights to use intellectual property such as logos, trademarks, designs and other intellectual property rights.

It will also apply to any products or services that have been licensed to other parties.

It is the first such law to come into force in Finland.

It comes after a similar law was adopted in Denmark last year.

Lego is currently one of the biggest names in the Lego world, with over a billion bricks sold worldwide.

In Finland, Legos are made from plastic and aluminium, with the same components as other products.

The law applies to all products, from toys to home decor, from the home to school to hospitals.

Legos and other Lego products are available in over 30 countries and territories, with around 100,000 units currently in the hands of Finnish consumers.