New UK university graduates are ‘more likely to work for corporations’

A study from the Centre for Social Justice, which analysed the work of the UK’s largest universities, has revealed a “dramatic increase” in graduates from UK-based companies and companies are “more likely” to work as “entrepreneurs” and in “high-paid jobs”.

The report, published on Tuesday, says the trend has been seen in the sector as a whole. 

The study by the Centre on Social Justice (CSJ), a think-tank based in London, found that “a clear correlation” between higher education and a job is a “direct result of the high-tech boom”. 

“The findings of this study are particularly encouraging as they show a dramatic increase in graduates who have graduated from the UK-headquartered universities,” CSJ director and author Paul Hickey said in a statement.

“The rise in graduates in this sector has been a direct result of a boom in the technology sector, driven by the arrival of the internet, and the increased demand for a high-paying job.” 

The study found that graduates with at least a secondary qualification were the most likely to have taken up a “job in a high tech company” at a post-graduate level.

This included “the highest percentage of graduates with a degree in technology-related engineering”, the report said.

The study found the trend was strongest among graduates who had completed a bachelor’s degree in a technology-based discipline. 

The report said “highly educated” graduates were “significantly more likely” than those with no qualifications to work in “the high-end” of the technology industry. 

However, the report found there was a “distinct difference” between graduates who “had completed a degree and those who had not”.

This means that the highest-paid occupations in the industry are also “signally less likely” for graduates to be graduates. 

“In particular, the high pay of graduates in highly-skilled and high-paid positions is not reflected in their earnings in the high end of the industry,” the report concluded.

“In fact, the highest pay for graduates in high-skilled positions is higher than the median wage of graduates.” More: